About Magpie Arts Collection

Our Focus

Create “their brand” (as collaboratively defined with the artists), and help boost the art careers for the core members of the Magpie Flock – including Darrell Anderson and SA Bennett.

Selectively, we will add additional artists to the Magpie Flock who need help with branding, launching, and marketing.

Establish Bob Ragland’s art legacy in the historic records through curation, collaboration with art-focused agencies, venues, museums and private collectors.


As a way to establish Magpie and our staff, we will regularly curate in several venues. We may accept guest curation opportunities that highlight Migratory Birds – other key artists who may already have a brand and marketing initiatives in place, but who fly with the Magpie Flock for select shows, artist panels, and other opportunities.

To succeed and grow, Magpie will be a company that collaborates with artists to help “make their brand” through marketing and curation — whether that be in their early career, or in their later career (or what we call legacy-making time).

Our Mission

To focus on a few — and do it with passion, collaboration, honesty, fun, organization, and business savvy — to create an amazing company that helps boost the careers of talented artists.

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